We, here at Ornamental Design, Inc, are not just one of the best local fence companies – we are your Tampa fence company. We have been producing high quality ornamental designs since 1950, and the numerous beautiful fences and gates created by us that you can see in the area stand proof of our popularity. Our experience and our passion for what we are doing, teamed with our knowledge and expertise, make it sure that your fence will be just the way you imagined it – as beautiful, as resistant and as durable.

tampa fence companyOur fences and gates have already offered joy and a sense of safety and security to numerous home and business owners. As a Tampa fence company that wants to cater for all the requirements of our clients, we include in our services not only the design and the execution of the design created, but repair and maintenance as well.

We call ourselves a Tampa fence company, but in fact we are much more than that. The range of the items we manufacture include not only iron gates and fences, but all kinds of other decorative accessories made from wrought iron like murals – if you like the warmth and elegance emanated by ornamental iron items, you will surely love all our products.

Another feature that we are proud of is our attention to detail. The designs we create and execute for you will reflect your style and taste in every way. As one of the most reputable Tampa fence companies, we strive to make it possible for you to enjoy the beauty of your wrought iron objects for as long as you want – with us, you can be sure that the quality of the items we create is impeccable.

The combination of passion and expertise has made us one of the most appreciated and most sought-after fence companies Tampa, FL has. You can see our work wherever you go in the city – in close collaboration with renowned architects and designers we have participated in numerous projects, including parks and public buildings as well as commercial and residential projects of smaller and larger scale alike.

Choose the best Tampa fence company for creating, executing, installing and maintaining your fence or gate. Choose us to create the elegant, yet cozy ambient you can see only in design magazines – call us at (813)626-8449 and we will be glad to be of assistance.